The story of


wemademoments was born out of our family’s desire to share some of our inspirations with those around us.  A family with design at our core, we have been fortunate to experience some of the beauty and contrasts Asia has to offer.


About Shenzhen; In this young and vibrant city, everyone is a ‘Shenzhener’ when they arrive. Transformed from a small rural fishing village into a shiny, modern megalopolis in just 40 years, Shenzhen is a melting pot of many contrasts brought together by ‘locals’ from all corners of China and beyond.  Witnessing its dazzlingly rapid development, it is easy to overlook the moments that make up a typical modern Shenzhen day. Through wemademoments we wanted to capture and magnify the meaning and inspiration that they hold.

The moments captured under our glass domes reflect some of the elements of day-to-day life that inspired us, moments that evoke memories, when a shape, object or person was beautiful to us. They represent our travels and stir our imaginations with the wonder and magic of discovery, and they help us to remember how simple life can be.

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